Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care & maintain lash extension


Aftercare Instructions


1.  No water on eyelashes.  Do not swim, shower, use hot tubs, etc. for  the first 12-24 hrs.


2.  Avoid all eye makeup products (i.e. eye creams, moisturizers and makeup removers)

     created with  solvent ingredients from coming in contact with the  Novalash Eyelash

     Extensions.  See Glycol and Carbonate information.


3.  Do not curl your Novalash Eyelash Extension.


4.  Avoid rubbing you eyes or pulling on your extensions.


5.  Eyelashes normally shed on a regular basis. Multiple extensions may be shed on any

     given day.


6. Lash fill  appointments should be scheduled every 3-4  weeks.
























What products (i.e. mascara or eyeliner) can I use in conjunction with lash extensions?


Glycols and Carbonates—Many mascaras, eyeliners  & makeup removers contain these products and will compromise the lash bond resulting in lashes lost.


Ingredients that dissolve lash bond are: Glycols and Carbonates


These are classes of cosmetic ingredients that act as solvents in product formulas.


Examples found in mascara and make-up removers are:

                                             polyethylene glycols (PEG's)

                                             propylene glycols

                                             propylene carbonates


Note: Butylene glycol is not a solvent.  It is a type of wax found in mascaras and does not dissolve adhesives.


Novalash adhesives are extremely resistant to water and all oils. Products are constantly changing, unless you are sure, check ingredient labels carefully. These are some products that you may already have.


                     Maybellene expert eyes moisturizing mascara remover 

                     CVS Eye makeup remover moisturizing

                     Philosophy- Just Release Me Dual Phase oil free makeup remover

                     Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% natural origin eye makeup remover


This site shows product ingredients. It has some other brands you may want to look at.

Check the ingredients carefully.