Have a Special occasion or Event? A holiday party or a hot date? Kick your look up a notch! Try adding ďCandy LashesĒ to your look. Exclusively, by Novalash,† lashes dipped in crystalsÖ. See the list of services to check out the sparkly light catching colors.

Is immediate gratification fast enough for you!? Let Joniís Foniís Eyelash Extensions transform your natural lashes into fabulous, lush, long lashes now. Donít wait weeks or even months for growth products to maybe produce what I can produce in about an hour.

Joniís Foniís is located at 2914 Gillis Falls Rd, Mount Airy, Maryland. To busy to travel? Call to arrange an in-home application appointment. Let my before & after photos give you an idea of† my skills.


Joniís Foniís Eyelash Extensions are the perfect beauty solution for all women. If you are a female athlete or a girly girl, you can always look your best.†

No more mascara!

Sweat Proof!

Cry Proof!

Swim & Smudge Proof!



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